Day Sail Adventures Booking -- Terms and Conditions


To secure a booking we require a 30% deposit.

Changing dates:

While we would like to be as flexible as possible, we will require a minimum of 6 days notice to change dates booked if there is the availability to do so. .

Number of people onboard:

Our boats are licensed to take up to 6 people, regardless of age. .

Bare boat chartering:

The skipper must be over the age of 18. The skipper must hold A DSA level 2 certificate or have equivalent experience. You may be required to book a skipper or some training if DSA management deems you under qualified. .

Keeping a boat overnight:

If you would like to keep the boat for more than one day, then it is possible to keep the boat on an agreed mooring. Boats must be tied up at 6pm as there is to be no night sailing. .

Sleeping overnight:

Sleeping onboard overnight is strictly prohibited. .


Refunds or changing of dates will only be given when DSA management considers the weather conditions are too dangerous for sailing. This will include winds over a force 6 and active thunderstorms in the local area. Where possible a different date will be given. .


Before your charter begins, you will be given a full safety brief and you are required to pay full attention. You are required to supply us with a mobile phone number, and you are required to have this mobile with you onboard. You will be provided with a full safety inventory and the Skipper must use this when required. Persons onboard must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while in command of the vessel. .